In 2011 the Chesapeake All Star cheer teams were formed in Easton, MD. The wildly successful program grew from 2 teams to 6 teams very quickly and the complexity of the skill levels grew just as fast! In 2015 it became clear that a new space was going to be required to enable the 80+ athletes and 80+ dancers to reach their full potential. This is when Chesapeake Elite Sports was created to provide structured activities to the youth we serve. Not only does involvement in organized sports promote physical fitness, it also provides a place for athletes to build social skills and hone leadership abilities. At Chesapeake Elite Sports our goal is to provide quality, structured, and challenging programming to athletes of all levels. It's important to us to build self-reliant athletes with strong character and self-confidence so they are ready to excel in the modern world.


We also feel strongly that EVERY potential athlete should be able to find their place to SHINE! We don't turn anyone away based on current skill level. Instead we will guide your athlete to realize their ultimate potential!

411B Needwood Avenue

Easton, MD



Tel: 443-858-5140

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